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web cloud hosting for websites and online stores


Premium hosting solutions for websites and online stores of all sizes!

Premium Hosting in Greece for small websites and online stores. Increased resources, premium support and guaranteed best loading times.

Why choose Premium Hosting?

Top hardware, speed optimization by our experienced technicians and excellent networking allow us to guarantee better loading times.

Fast & effective support

Our experienced technicians are by your side 24/7/365 to solve any small or big problem you face with courtesy, willingness and above all speed - every time.

Infrastructure designed for easy scaling

Whatever the growing demands of your websites or applications, Cloud infrastructure allows you to add live resources on-demand, without transfers or downtime.

High Availability Cloud for unsurpassed reliability

Our servers operate in a High Availability Cloud, thus ensuring the uninterrupted provision of services even in conditions of hardware failure.

Advanced protection against hackers, malware & spam

We apply all new security updates and use special systems to detect attacks, spam and malware such as Firewalls, IDS, Fail2Ban, Server AV, RBL checks, etc.

Strict client limit per server

We apply a strict client limit per server to ensure a high level of service. Fewer users on each server means fewer "neighbors" and consistently high performance .

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