Terms and Conditions of Use

  1. The company KINISIS Social Cooperative Enterprise "KINISIS KOIN.S.EP." (hereinafter "Kinisis Web & Tourism") manages the website kinisisweb.gr (hereinafter "the website"), the use of which is governed by these terms and conditions of use, in order to offer information and services to its users & visitors (hereinafter referred to as "the user ") concerning Kinisis Web & Tourism, its business, products and services, etc. as well as issues of business interest and technology.
  2. The User must read carefully and comply with these terms and conditions, which Kinisis Web & Tourism may in its sole discretion modify at any time & without notice, while the use of the website presupposes and implies explicit and unconditional acceptance by the user, as they apply each time. In case the use of any service of the website is governed by more specific terms, they are considered as a whole with those present, but in case of conflict the more specific terms of each service prevail.
  3. The user is solely responsible for his personal equipment and the necessary technological means, which allow him to access the website, which he visits at his own initiative and responsibility. The user is obliged to make lawful and appropriate use of the website and comply with these terms and conditions, and is obliged to refrain from any illegal, contrary to transactional ethics, unfair and abusive use of its content and services.
  4. The company Kinisis Web & Tourism makes every effort to ensure that information and general website content is guided by clarity, accuracy, completeness, and is constantly updated, to none, however, the case not liable to the user or third party for any nature damage that may be caused to it due to non-updating of the information provided thereof or caused or related to the website or its content.
  5. Brands, insignia and trademarks, trademarks, images, photographs, videos, graphics, texts and anything else displayed and contained on the website, are protected under applicable law intellectual property and industrial property of Kinisis Web & Tourism or any third parties. The user is expressly forbidden to copy, reproduce, distribute, distribute, transmit or use them in any way, other than the uses expressly stated on the website.
  6. The links on the website may take the user away from it to websites that are not controlled in any way by Kinisis Web & Tourism. In this case, Kinisis Web & Tourism assumes no responsibility for the content, accuracy, functionality, transmissions, and any subsequent changes to these websites and assumes no responsibility for their content.
  7. The company Kinisis Web & Tourism can keep on file and process according to the n. 2472/1997, as applicable (the "Law"), any personal data of the User, he will voluntarily declare and will come to its attention based on any requests of this and / or otherwise during the use of the website, exclusively and only for the needs of its proper operation and the service and monitoring of the relationship established through the website. By using the website each user provides to Kinisis Web & Tourism, as the person responsible for drafting the Law, his explicit and unconditional consent and his authorization to keep in an electronic or non-electronic file and to process, at its discretion, the Law, any of his declared data for the above purpose. Furthermore, Kinisis Web & Tourism may transmit this data to affiliated companies or affiliates, as long as this is necessary for the better operation of the Website and the service of the relationship established by it. In addition, the recipients of this data may be third parties natural or legal persons for the advertising of products and / or services of Kinisis Web & Tourism or to conduct market research on his behalf. According to articles 12 (right of access) and 13 (right of objection) of the Law, as in force, each User has in particular the right to access the above information that concerns him personally (and to request at any time and without charge the confirmation, amendment or deletion), as well as the right to object at any time to their processing. It is expressly clarified that Kinisis Web & Tourism does not bear any responsibility towards the user in case of use of his personal data, which he has declared to a third natural or legal person through hyperlink through the website to the website of the third party.
  8. The application forms or contact forms contained on the website as well as the services and products displayed on it can be replaced, modified, removed at any time by Kinisis Web & Tourism at its sole discretion. The user is prohibited from modifying and / or falsifying the models of such applications, while in case of any such action, Kinisis Web & Tourism reserves the right to take action against the user and any other responsible parties claiming compensation for any damage.
  9. The local courts of Nafplio are designated to resolve any dispute regarding these terms and conditions.
  10. For any issue regarding these terms and conditions, anyone can contact Kinisis Web & Tourism through the contact details:
    Kalamatas 8 & M. Asias
    21100, Nafplio, Argolida, Greece
    Tel. +302752099499 | 
    E-mail: info@kinisisweb.gr

Cookies policy

  1. Making the user and / or visitor (the "user ") use the website kinisisweb.gr (the "website ") of the company KINISIS Social Cooperative Enterprise "KINISIS KOIN.S.EP."  (hereinafter "Kinisis Web & Tourism"), expressly and unreservedly consents to the use of "cookies", in accordance with this policy. For this purpose the user will have seen an indication the first time he visited the website, and, although he will not usually appear again on his subsequent visits to the website, he can withdraw his consent at any time by following the instructions below.
  2. "Cookies" are small files with information, which the Website (specifically the web server - web server) stores on the user's computer / tablet / mobile device, without knowing any document or file from his device, so that every time he links to the website, the latter to retrieve this information and offer the user related services, e.g. regarding the user's preferences on the website, as they are stated by the choices he makes on the website (e.g. selection of specific "buttons", searches, ads, etc.). The "cookie" gives the user's device a unique ID, which does not include any personal information, such as. name or email address. Makes it easy to navigate page by page on the website, provides secure connections and saves the user preferences on each visit.
  3. The website may use "cookies" to improve the user experience, to remember the website its settings, for security reasons, to provide more access to personalized content, so that the user enjoys useful services for the same, but also Kinisis Web & Tourism to provide other services that in its sole discretion will improve the user's visit experience on the website by increasing users' trust in its services.
  4. Regarding the Website, it is mainly about:
    1. "Functional cookies", in order to provide the services requested by the user, such as connection features, management features, language preferences and privacy protection, ie essential services for the operation of the website,
    2. "Non-functional cookies", in order to improve the products and services presented on the website, e.g. ask the user to rate or evaluate these products and services, order products or services, connect to social media sites and configure audio and video players, adapting the various information to their personal preferences,
    3. "Cookies for statistical purposes", but without personal and immediate identification of the user through these "cookies", e.g. on the number of visitors to the website, the number of websites visited, etc.,
    4. "Advertising cookies", by collecting information for the purposes of internet advertising, which fall into certain general categories or areas of interest of the user, examining the websites he sees and the links he chooses to other websites, as well as the emails from Kinisis Web & Tourism, which opens the links it selects from them, selecting ads based solely on data that do not allow the user to be immediately identified, or
    5. "Third party cookies".
  5. Every user has the right to refuse and not allow the placement of "cookies" on their device, however, this may limit the functionality of the website, but also the ability of Kinisis Web & Tourism to improve its products and services, and to provide more interesting content. The user's browser has settings, which allow him to define which "cookies" he chooses to opt out of and which "cookies" can be placed on his device (to learn more about these settings, he must log in to the browser that uses). More information at https://www.allaboutcookies.org/cookies/
  6. Any modification to this cookie policy will be promptly displayed on the website.
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