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E-Shop Development For Businesses

The evolution of the business website is the E-shop. It started as an opportunity for store owners who wanted to expand their business beyond their physical store, to open another sales channel to interested parties who would hardly reach the door of their physical store.

Over time, the maturation of consumers - online shoppers, the improvement of the experience of online shopping products and services electronically, the special conditions as they were formed and intensified with the emergence of Covid-19 brought the online store not as a business intelligence drive but as a necessity, almost self-evident energy if not a plank of business salvation.

More than ever, we use the internet for online shopping for products and services, through online stores, from the comfort of our space 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

We have been trained as a consumer audience, certainly through recent times to search for products and services on the internet, to compare prices, to buy through online stores easily and quickly.

For us the online store of your company is our job, our passion and we want it to meet your wants and needs!

eshop online store development

Step by step the development of your eshop

step one for your business web design

The success of an online store comes when from the beginning we have in mind exactly what we want from the eshop we will create. That is what we want to achieve. We determine to whom we address, to whom we want to present our products and services. We see how the competition works and we set our own axes of development.

step two for your business web design

We decide the domain name that we will build the online store. The logo of the company, the style we want to pass, the style and the colors that express you will play a decisive role in the design of the eshop.

step three for your business web design

We study, analyze and mark the categories and sub-categories of products or services, the languages of use, payment methods and shipping classesretail or wholesale and much more.

step four for your business web design

We prepare the required data for the products of our online store, such as product code (sku), title, descriptions, technical characteristics, sale & discount prices, manufacturer, categories, variations (size, color, brand), stocks and special conditions. Our company supports you throughout the product preparation process.

step five for your business web design

Photos for online store products or services will play an important role. The photography is good to be done by a professional photographer in order to achieve a quality result. Quality professional photos always attract and offer more sales! We start first with the material of our suppliers, most likely they will provide you with photographic material, they have the motivation to sell! Pay attention to copyright when you catch photos from the internet.

step six for your business web design

We choose all the payment methods that facilitate the sale. We enable prospective customers of the online store to acquire our products or services with all possible ways of obtaining them such as bank deposit, cash on delivery, payment and receipt from the physical store, paypal and bank debit or credit card.

step seven for your business web design

We choose the shipping methods that the products will be sent. Offers from parcel companies and courier services but also transport offers for large and bulky items. Highly competitive industry. Attention, we choose a reliable transport network.

step eight for your business web design

Discounts & Offers: we have in mind for discounts and offers on products or product categories and for what time periods / special discount periods. Coupons: We declare coupons with a percentage of discounts depending on our strategy. We design and implement any newsletters type.

step nine for your business web design

Product Reviews &  Customer Comments: To have or not to have it?
Customer comments and remarks are fire! It can warm you or it can burn you! Those who choose the opportunity for customer comments and remarks pay more attention to detail, seek to do their job well at all levels because they know that good reviews will go beyond them and become one of the strongest ads for their products and services.

step nine for your business web design

GDPR - Terms of Use - Policies. The terms of use & conditions, policies (e.g. Privacy Policy, Cookies Policy, Payments & Security, Shipping & Delivery, Returns & Changes) based on which the online store operates.

step eleven for your business web design

Other possibilities: Monitoring of order sending and informing the customer by SMS, updating the stock of sale or return with barcode scanner, connection with price comparison machines such as skroutz, bestprice etc., connection with commercial application. There are many possibilities for additional services that give more value and flexibility in the daily use of the eshop.

step twelve for your business web design

An important step is to carry out many special and meticulous tests such as safety, efficiency, speed and many others to ensure the smooth operation of the eshop.
Finally, the last step is your  training for the management of eshop, either online or with your presence in our offices with all the necessary precautions and with measures of protection of Public Health against the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 in workplaces.

A great idea is not enough. Building a functional, user-friendly business website is a tricky process, which requires experience and expertise. We can design, develop and deliver your business website you're dreaming of.

Want to create something beautiful, functional and effective?

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