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Web Design & Development for Businesses

Website design and development (website construction) is one of the essential services our company Kinisis Web & Tourism offers to its customers. Our extensive experience and know-how in web design combined with the low costs of our services lead to the rapid depreciation and return on your investment.

In every website construction project we take up, we include modern design and development techniques and together with our passion for something special and remarkable, we offer reliable and effective websites with the main goal of highlighting and presenting the products and services of our customers.

Thus, we offer a complete website construction project to our clients with unique design and dynamic management environment in the Greek language or in any other requested, simply and efficiently, without effort and without requiring any special knowledge from you.

For us the website of your company is our job, our passion and we want it to meet your wants and needs!

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Step by step the development of your website

step one for your business web design

The success of the official website of our business comes when from the beginning we have in mind exactly what we want from the website we will create. That is what we want to achieve. We determine to whom we address,  to whom we want to present our products and services. We see how the competition works and we set our own axes of development.

step two for your business web design

We decide the domain name that we will build our website. We register what we like and is available. The logo of the company, the style it wants to pass, the style and the colors that express you will play a decisive role in the design of the website.

step three for your business web design

We define the structure and menu of our website, preferring the path with the fewest branches and complex submenus. To the point! We always have in mind to offer a clear, fast and pleasant browsing to the visitors of our website.

step four for your business web design

We collect and organize the material we want to be presented on the website (texts, photos, videos, certificates, documents, etc.) in folders so that we have what we consider important for the interested visitors of our website.

step five for your business web design

We work locally and when we have completed a significant volume of work we upload the website to an address so that you can see its appearance and the individual fields from the comfort of your space. Of course we will have the opportunity to improve several topics that are required even to add or remove elements of it.

step six for your business web design

Before the new website goes live, we select its hosting package according to its requirements as they have been formulated during its development. The hosting service is monitored by us so that it is always ideal for your needs that may change.

step seven for your business web design

We complete the addition of the content after the corrections and the tests of its functions so that it goes up to its final address. Once it goes up, we start the process of listing in the search engines and at the same time we deal with the optimization of the website (SEO) so that it is search engine friendly and brings the best results as soon as possible.

step eight for your business web design

Last step, your website content management training. With online training, with video content management courses. Training in our offices with all the necessary precautions and with measures of protection of Public Health through prevention against the spread of coronavirus COVID-19 in workplaces.

A great idea is not enough. Building a functional, user-friendly business website is a tricky process, which requires experience and expertise. We can design, develop and deliver your business website you're dreaming of.

Want to create something beautiful, functional and effective?

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